The 3-days Workshop Pasta Making Workshop

what are you going to know

Day 1

How to cook dry semolina pasta successfully for traditional hot pasta, pasta salads, baked dishes
 Production of 3 sauces from three different regions of Italy (creamy mushroom, lamb ragout, puttanesca).
Tips for beautiful plating
Tips for social media-worthy pictures

Day 2

Non-filled Handmade Pasta
1. The different dough recipes needed.
2. Tagliatelle with creamy Parmigiano and black pepper.
3. Spaghetti alla chitarra spicy tomato, oregano and capers.
4. Potato gnocchi with tomato and basil.

Day 3

Filled Handmade Pasta
1. The different dough recipes and fillings.
2. Green spinach Tortelli, butter, Parmigiano.
3. Pumpkin Cappellacci, butter, amaretti , Parmigiano.
4. Ricotta and Swiss chard ravioli tomato, basil, and olive oil.