3 Day Certified Sushi Making Class

from Sushi Chef Institute of California

In this certified hands-on class, Chef Andy teaches the tips and tricks to make sushi like a pro.

what are you going to know
Preparation of Classic Fresh Pasta
Tips for how to color Fresh Pasta
Preparation of Green Fresh Pasta
Preparation for Ravioli filling
Preparation of the Gremolada for Ossobuco
Ravioli shaping by hand and cooking
Preparation of Walnut Sauce
Preparation and shaping Fettuccine
Cooking and creaming of Fettuccine (authentic procedure)
Real Fettuccine Alfredo & Ravioli with Walnut Sauce
Risotto cooking technique
Preparation shaping of Green Pappardelle Fresh Pasta
Cooking and Creaming of Pappardelle
The Phases of Creating Yeast Based Doughs
Preparation of Pizza & Focaccia dough
Preparation for garnish and brine for focaccia
Cutting Sizes and First Forming
First dough forming for Grissini ( Breadsticks )
Preparation and Technique of Ciabatta dough
Spreading the Breadstick dough
Forming and baking Ciabatta
Forming and baking Breadsticks
Pizza and Focaccia Genovese Cooking Techniques
Preparation of Italian Sandwich Ciabatta
Introduction to the different types of dessert
How to create a dessert
Pasteurization of Egg whites and Yolks – Technique
Chocolate Mousse Technique and Preparation
Tiramisu’ Preparation of Classic Recipe
Preparation of Coffee Syrup
Preparation of Mascarpone Mousse
Assembling the Tiramisu and cooling
Preparation Lemon Syrup
Preparation Strawberry Semifreddo
Sizing and forming of Bomboloni ( Italian donuts )
Technique and Preparation of Italian Custard Cream
Cooking and stuffed Bomboloni
Final remarks and end of the course