3-Day Sushi Master Class

The complexity of Sushi construction is on par with that of its storied history: it appears as deceptively simple as a slice of fish on a hunk of rice, but nuances such as grain type, vinegar ratio, and the angle of each cut can make or break the form.
Learn the best techniques from only one food ambassador chef in the Middle East, appointed by the Japanese government, so you’ll be able to recreate authentic sushi skills back home.
what are you going to know

Japanese kitchenware

Making sushi rice

Buy fish at the market

Preparing Seafood 

Preparing Vegtables 

Preparing vegetables 

Preparing Seafood 

Fish slicing 

Sushi arrangement 

Cutting arranging 

Five taste elements 

Essential Sushi items 


Maki roll arrangement

Creative sushi & Sahimi