4-day Barista Skills Certification

4-day Barista Masterclass.

what are you going to know

Day 1

Introduction to coffee

  1. Introduction
  2. Origin and history of coffee
  3. Coffee plant taxonomy & processes
  4. Growing regions
  5. The impact of roasting on the taste of coffee
  6. Brewing methods: aeropress, syphon, chemex
  7. Exams

Day 2

SCA Barista Skills Foundation

  1. Main parts of the espresso machine & grinder
  2. The traditional Italian espresso
  3. The Australian espresso
  4. The British method
  5. Espresso troubleshooting
  6. Milk steaming
  7. How to pour a heart

Day 3

SCA Barista Skills Foundation

  1. How to pour a tulip
  2. How to prepare a latte
  3. How to prepare a cappuccino
  4. Customer service & the barista roles

Day 4

SCA Exams

The Specialty Coffee Association’s Certification Exams for Introduction to Coffee and Barista Skills Foundation.
  1. A Written Exam (the trainer will go over the information before the exam).
  2. A Practical Exam(the exam will test the participant’s understanding of how to prepare decent cups of espresso and beautiful cups of cappuccino).