3- Day KNOW. Fashion Styling

what are you going to know

Day 1

Introduction to Fashion Styling

  • The history of fashion styling and the role it has with leading designers and celebrities.
  • Videos and visuals about the fashion industry and current trends.
  • The importance of having a strong personal brand (DNA), if you want to influence others with your fashion and style tastes.
  • Adapting the current trends into your own style personality.

Day 2

Fashion Styling KNOW YOUR BODY

  • Understand the most important style elements when styling yourself or a client.
  • Definition of body shapes and mood board creation.
  • Style personalities which one are you and mood board creation.
  • Learn what color works best for you and your clients.
Fashion Styling Workshop

Day 3

Fashion Styling Attention to Detail

  • Speak the stylist language understand what vocabulary to use and when
  •  Understand how to conduct a client’s personal styling consultation
  • Learn how to edit your wardrobe (and your client’s) practical How to videos.
  •  Introduction to fashion styling and doing high-end photo shoots with brands and magazines
  • And more…