The Italian Gastronomy

3-day Masterclass


This  ITALIAN GASTRONOMY Masterclass is suitable for all those who are interested in learning the Italian basic cuisine.

You can attend as a beginner, or as a practicing chef to polish your skills and learn from an expert!


Vincenzo Raschella-copy-2

I was born in the Tigullio Gulf, in Chiavari - Genoa - on August 6 1964, between sea and  mountains. I’m very fortunately grow up in the middle of the scents of my father’s home vegetable garden, cultivated by passion and an unforgettable and amazing fragrant experiences of my mother’s culinary art. Then for me eat genuine, healthy, with the true flavors of the food was a “normal” part of daily basis life.

• High School Diploma in Professional Institute for Industry and Craft in Genoa
• Studies at University of Medicine and Surgery in Genoa
• Professional Italian Cooking Certificate of Proficiency in Dubai
• Professional Courses Updates in Pastry and Culinary Art in the best Italian Schools:
• - Tuscania
• - Brescia

Work Experience:
• 1994 to 2002 -Pastry Chef - Madama Dorè Catering & Banqueting - Genoa
• 2003 to 2007 - Executive Pastry Chef - Imperiale Palace Hotel***** - Portofino
• 2007 to 2010 - Executive Pastry and Bakery Chef - Il Villaggio Restaurants - Jeddah
• 2010 to 2015 - Executive Chef - Il Villaggio Restaurants - Jeddah
• 2016 to 2018 - Senior Chef - Prestige Restaurant and Cafe Co. - Jeddah
• 2018 till now - Providing expertises for initiatives which promote Italian Food and Culture
• 2019 20 WAYS Brand Ambassador in Middle East

Professional Capacity:
• Excellent working knowledge of all True Italian Cuisine and its products
• Excellent working knowledge of Pastry and Bakery production
• Good knowledge of the HACCP System in food safety
• Excellent teaching skill and training staff
• Good control of Food Cost
• Organization of Culinary Events
• Restaurants and Kitchen Design Concept
Personal Faculties
• Good relationship with colleagues
• Good leadership skill
• I constantly upgrade my profession
• I do everything to get the best




  • Preparation of Vegetables
  • Preparation of Meat
  • Preparation and cooking Ragù alla Bolognese
  • Slow Cooking Ossobuco for Risotto
  • Preparation of Classic Fresh Pasta
  • Tips for how to color Fresh Pasta
  • Preparation of Green Fresh Pasta
  • Preparation for Ravioli filling
  • Preparation of the Gremolada for Ossobuco
  • Ravioli shaping by hand and cooking
  • Preparation of Walnut Sauce
  • Preparation and shaping Fettuccine
  • Cooking and creaming of Fettuccine (authentic procedure)
  • Real Fettuccine Alfredo & Ravioli with Walnut Sauce
  • Risotto cooking technique
  • Preparation shaping of Green Pappardelle Fresh Pasta
  • Cooking and Creaming of Pappardelle


  • The Phases of Creating a Yeast Based Doughs
  • Preparation of Pizza & Focaccia dough
  • Preparation for garnish and brine for focaccia
  • Cutting Sizes and First Forming
  • First dough forming for Grissini ( Breadsticks )
  • Preparation and Technique of Ciabatta dough
  • Spreading the Breadstick dough
  • Forming and baking Ciabatta
  • Forming and baking Breadsticks
  • Pizza and Focaccia Genovese Cooking Techniques
  • Preparation of Italian Sandwich Ciabatta
fresh home made chocolate mousse quenelle dessert


  • Introduction to the different types of dessert
  • How to create a dessert
  • Pasteurization of Egg whites and Yolks - Technique
  • Chocolate Mousse Technique and Preparation
  • Tiramisu’ Preparation of Classic Recipe
  • Preparation of Coffee Syrup
  • Preparation of Mascarpone Mousse
  • Assembling the Tiramisu’ and cooling
  • Preparation Lemon Syrup
  •  Preparation Strawberry Semifreddo
  • Sizing and forming of Bomboloni ( Italian donuts )
  • Technique and Preparation of Italian Custard Cream
  • Cooking and stuffed Bomboloni
  • Final remarks and end of the course
Workshop Investment : 2,980 riyals.