The 4-day Photography Workshop

Introduction to Fashion & Beauty Photography
The Photography Workshop is suitable for all those who are interested in learning how to produce professional fashion and beauty images.

You can attend as a beginner, or as a practicing photographer to polish your skills and learn from an expert!


Tatan Zuleta

Internationally-published Portrait & Fashion Photographer based in Miami.

Experienced in conducting workshops on Beauty Photography Lighting and High End Retouching for Beauty Photography, all across North America and Spain.


 Day 1  Photography Concepts
  1. Introduction
  2. Basic photography theory
  3. Lighting set ups for beauty and fashion
  4. Pre-production (theory and practice)
  5. Mood boards
Photo studio setup with lighting equipment
Day 2 Studio Shooting
  1. Understanding studio lighting
  2. Setting up
  3. Beauty photo-shoot demo
  4. Studio shooting practice
Day 3 Outdoor Shooting
  1. Day light and strobes
  2. Scouting the scene
  3. Shooting angles
  4. Fashion shooting demo
  5. Outdoor shooting practice
Day 4 Post Production
  1. Developing RAW files
  2. Photoshop and skin tone correction
  3. Cleaning background and distracting elements
  4. Liquify
  5. Frequency separation
  6. Dodge and Burn
  7. Creative use of Adjustment Layers
  8. Sharpness and Output
To participate in this 4 day workshop, participants must bring the following:
  1. DSLR Camera (or any camera that can control aperture, speed and ISO).
  2. Laptop with Photoshop
  3. Optional: Wacom Tablet 
Workshop fee: 2,900 riyals.