The 3-day Perfumery Masterclass

The Language & Techniques of Perfume

This Perfumery Masterclass is suitable for all those who are interested in learning how to create fragrances.

You can attend as a beginner, or as a practicing cosmetologist to polish your skills and learn from an expert!


Éléonore de Staël

I’m a perfumer-creator working with natural components. As the valedictorian of the well-known perfumers’ school of Grasse (capital of Perfumery and natural expert area) and Laureate of the French perfumer contest Corpo35 (1st edition), I put my expertise at the service of your 100% natural perfumed creation. Passionate about perfume since childhood, I have at heart to connect you to your sense of smell. Direct connection to our memories, the nose makes us travel together. I will guide you in the creation of your own fragrance for a unique experience.


Day 1

– Smelling session
– Perfumer history
– Olfactory pyramid of raw materials
– Extraction techniques
– The fields – the city of Grasse
– How to smell
– Discover the raw materials olfactory families by blind testing
– Smell natural raw materials and natural molecules

Day 2

– Creation of accords
– Learn to describe a natural perfume
– Discover the different accords
– Technical approach of the making process
– Creation of three accords (explanations + formulation + fabrication)



Day 3

– Creation of your own perfume
– Learn the creation process as a perfumer
– Learn to select the natural raw materials
– Select your flacon
– Make several trials to achieve your 100% natural perfume



Workshop fee: 3,380 riyals.