The 3-day Floral Masterclass

The Language & Techniques of Floral


Robert Koene


Robert was born in Netherlands into a family steeped in for generations in the tradition of floral art. After extensive formal floriculture education, He designed for years in the Middle East, Japan, Greece, and Netherlands. … Nature finds its full expression in Robert’s floral creations.

Robert’s designs passionately to express emotions of joy and love as well as to visually restate corporate messages with panache. He has a natural gift for lines, architecture, and craftsmanship. His unique blend of naturalism and cutting-edge innovation has been internationally recognized for decades.


Robert graduates from “Huis te Lande College” in The Netherlands in 1987 and in 1991 he receives his Master Florist’s degree from the same college.

Work Experience:

From 1992 till 1994 he works in Japan; as a floral teacher and designer. After that he worked in Saudi Arabia where he has designed and coordinated the floral creations of 18 Royal Weddings and large diner parties and events. In 2002 He took the 4th place in the Dutch Flower Contest and he attended the seminar of Competition Judges by the European Florist Association.

He teaches florists all over the world, he is specialized in customized weddings with an distinguish own floral style.

- 2018 Founding the first Flower School in the Middle East
- 2018 Launching the online realtime buying application for whole sale in Kuwait
- 2018 Starting the DFA education program recognized by the Dutch government
- 2017 Flowerbar presentation at Louis Vuitton
- 2017 decoration of VIP lounge of King Salman Palace Jeddah
- 2017 decoration of the palace state visit of King Salman to Kuwait
- 2017 Decoration for the grand opening of Opera in Kuwait
- AIFD program “Cultural Wedding Journey” at National Symposium Chicago July 2014
- From 2014 Consultant and Training for the Dubai Royal House team of florists.
- Organizing consultant at Interflora International Master class in Chania, Crete June 2004, 2005 & 2006
- Coordinator and Tutor of 5 Trend seminars for Interflora Greece in Cyprus and Greece.2003-2006
- Consultant for Smithers-Oasis Germany from 2003
- Teacher at Interflora International Master class in Chania Crete 2004
- Floral Design Teacher of the Syggrou Agricultural Institute, Athens,Greece


This Floral Masterclass is suitable for all those who are interested in learning the basic of flower arrangement.

You can attend as a beginner, or as a practicing cosmetologist to polish your skills and learn from an expert!




Floristry 1
This class is where all starts the most fundamental knowledge in Floristry the class every one should take.Just like a good home is built in a good foundation so it is Floristry.

What is floral design and types of design

Why study Dutch Floristry

The different techniques used in floristry and why use them

Introduction to , Tools ,Flower types , florist terminology ,handling and care  and elements and principles of Design applied to floristry

Introduction to Color Science

Color and Florals 1
Color theory is a topic that continuously needs exploring as it is one of the essential components to creating a great Floral design.
Both novices and professional designers will find this intro to color theory  useful and applicable on every day floristry.Students will develop a strong foundation in color theory, and that foundation will assist them in their other design-related studies. Starting with color wheel we will discusses common color constructs, different color meanings and color associations.


Dutch Hand-tied Bouquet

We will show you by demonstration how to make a proper spiral hand-tied bouquet in semi spherical shape.We will discuss the proper technique and why is so important in Floral Design

You will also learn how to proper  position the flowers and foliage, how to conditioning and care for your flowers, getting tips how to choose the best combination. We will explore the multifaceted applications of the dutch hand tied technique, a simple yet very challenging to master.

Students will learn how to mix different type of flowers and textures together and how to choose the right type of flowers.

Design concepts including size, binding point ,proportion and balance will be discussed. Then you will make your own spiral bouquet.

Day 2

Biedermeier Arrangement
You will learn what it is a Biedermeier arrangement, the technique and why is called Biedermeier in Floristry terminology.

Students will build upon their knowledge from previous classes introducing new mechanics techniques. They will learn the different types of mechanics and choose the most traditional foam techniques to accomplice this.

Design concepts including shape,lines, proportion and balance will be discussed.


Hand-tied Bouquet Armature  

Advancing from the Dutch Hand Tied bouquet in this class you will learn to add an armature to the bouquet, it is a more artsy, intricate and detail-oriented technique that is highly sought after and can be explore in many many ways. Improve upon the skills learned in the previous class of Dutch Hand-tied Bouquet to make a more artistic, professional and modern style. You will learn what is an armature and the multiple ways to explore this attribute, as well as how to built an armature using dry materials and wire.

Day 3

Long and Low table arrangement

In this floral design class, you will learn a great smart design that can be used in many occasions where space is a challenge. Super versatile the long and low is an oval arrangement perfect to add flowers where height and width might be an issue, places like coffee tables, conference rooms, buffet settings and more. You will learn the technical requirements of a long and low, how to create a perfect shape all the time.


Garden Style Arrangement

The garden style is defined by the idea that a flower arrangement should look as though it was part of a garden or nature rather than formally arranged. A Garden Style also known as a Vegetative Parallel is meant to be a design that presents plants, leaves, flowers and other organic materials as they naturally grow in nature or the garden. In this floral design workshop, you will get introduce to basing techniques, you will learn how to select the right container as well as learn how to combine materials. A garden style arrangement the end result is always a wonderment for the eye.

Workshop Investment : 3,660 riyals.