4-days Barista Masterclass

You can attend as a beginner, or as a practicing barista to polish your skills and get certified!

barista masterclass

You can attend as a beginner, or as practicing to polish your skills and learn from an expert!


Maciej Duszak

Maciej Duszak

He works in the coffee industry since 2010, particularly focused on the hospitality sector. He is a trainer since 2012 and an Authorized SCA Trainer since 2017. Multiple National Barista, Brewers & Cup Tasters Champion and runner-up:
– 2017 Polish BrC Champion
– 2020 – Polish WBC 2nd
– 2014/15/16/18/20 – Polish BrC 2nd

AST for the following sectors:
– Barista Skills
– Sensory Skills
– Brewing Skills
– Introduction to Coffee

Maciej works as a trainer and consultant for the HoReCa sector and roasters. Also, as an educator running a youtube channel and hundreds of workshops around Europe throughout the years.


Maciej Duszak

Day 1 – Introduction to Coffee

Foundation course focused on coffee knowledge – history, global market, production, preparation & sensory basics, taxonomy & vocabulary

Origins of coffee

  1. discovery of coffee
  2. three waves of coffee
  3. coffee culture development

Understanding the beans

  1. Species & varieties
  2. Arabica & Robusta – comparison
  3. Coffee fruit anatomy
  4. Freshness at every step

From seed to the cup – how is the coffee made?

  1. Terroir – elements & importance
  2. farming – growing, harvesting & processing
  3. trade, transportation & logistics
  4. roasting – art, science & craft

Extraction basics

  1. brewing & serving – extraction basics
  2. different brewing methods – immersion & percolation
  3. importance of water for coffee
Maciej Duszak

Days 2 & 3 Barista Training

The workshop focused on practical skills of coffee preparation with the use of an espresso machine. Contain elements of coffee knowledge, preparation, service & maintenance. Dedicated to students beginning their professional coffee career & home barista enthusiasts.

Workspace management & workflow

  1. grinder components
  2. espresso machine components
  3. safe use of grinder & machine
  4. clean & organized workspace

Espresso preparation

  1. building the recipe
  2. grinder calibration & dosing
  3. distribution & tamping technique controlling extraction
  4. Barista routine

Sensory evaluation

  1. extraction & descriptions
  2. sensory evaluation attributes – aroma, flavor, acidity, body, sweetness
  3. modifying recipe for optimal extraction


  1. Milk freshness
  2. Milk foaming technique – texture & temperature
  3. Milk beverages preparation – cappuccino, latte, flat white, macchiato
  4. Basics of Latte Art
  5. Barista menu

Cleaning, health & safety

  1. safe & hygienic work practices
  2. equipment cleaning & maintenance
  3. Water filtration & quality

Customer service & cafe management

  1. customer-oriented approach
  2. effective & accurate order preparation

Day 4 – exams

Each student will be examined in the practical part. Written exams to be taken online after the course using SCA Learner ID. After passing exams. Students will be given the Barista Foundation SCA Certificate.


 Workshop fee: 4,370 riyals including certificate and all course materials.