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KNOW.Jewelry Design Workshop

The Jewelry Design 4 - day workshop is suitable for all those who are interested in learning the art of jewelry design.

Know.Floral Workshop

The Floral 3- day workshop is suitable for all those who are interested in learning the basic of flower arrangement

Know.Fashion Styling Workshop

Discover How Style can Influence your Career or Personal Life? The fashion styling course for 4 days will prepare you to work as a fashion stylist in different industries including beauty, commercial styling, and building on fashion trends. The aim of the course is to help you develop a fashion collection in creative ways and techniques.

Know.Bread Workshop

The Bread Making 3- day workshop is for everyone who wants to learn to make all the different types of bread, especially for everyone who has never made bread, but also suitable for people who have a minimum knowledge about this product.

Know. Italian Gastronomy

Learn Italian cosine with Master Chef Vincenzo Raschella and understand the basics of PASTA & RISOTTO, THE LEAVENED DOUGH, and have a experience look INSIDE THE Italian DESSERT

Know. Fashion Styling

Develop a fashion collection in creative ways and techniques which are taught in Fashion Universities in Europe.

Know. Food Plating

Developing the foundations and fundamentals are always the priority in cooking.

This course will not only be useful for kitchen professionals, but also for avid home cooks and foodies.


The nose for exquisite scents is complimented in this course with the knowledge on how to mix and produce your perfume from experienced perfumers.

Pasta Making Workshop

Learn how to make pasta from scratch, cooking methods and different sauces using authentic Italian recipes in this 3-day workshop.

Speciality Coffee Association Barista Skills Certification

A 4-day workshop to become a certified barista.

The SUSHI-ology Class

Participants learn the classic Japanese skills of making sushi; everything from preparing rice and slicing raw fish to arranging the rolls attractively on a plate.

Lettering Practice

The techniques used to in brush stroking to perfectly execute the letters of the English language. Practice to be professional doodler!

Food Styling Workshop

In this workshop, participants manipulate food, use sauces and garnishes to create tantalizingly styled plates.

Floristry Workshop

Whether for an event or home décor; as center pieces or accents, participants will learn how to create classic flower arrangements as well as the most creative trends.

French Pastry Masterclass

World renowned chefs from all over the world travel to France to learn the delicate techniques of the French pastries; this masterclass brings France to Saudi.

Cocoa Workshop

Join the world of chocolate! This class mixes art and technical knowledge to style decadent desserts that are as amusing to the eyes as they are delicious.


Make up Masterclass

Given by the celebrities of the Make Up field; participants learn the professional techniques to the ever-changing make up trends.

Fashion Design Workshop

Given by experienced fashion designers, this workshops gives participants the necessary ‘’ of what it takes to establish their own fashion labels and hone their unique fashion senses.


Graffiti Workshop

Participants learn from international street artists how to 'spray' out art from a can in this colorful workshop.

Gelato Masterclass

This class takes participants through all the steps necessary to make gelato and ends with them enjoying the fruit of their labor!

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Macaron Workshop

This workshop teaches participants to make circular, colorful treats that take great practice to perfect.

Jewelry Design Masterclass

Participants get an overview of the history of jewelry, gemology, design from one of the most creative names in fine jewelry.

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Pottery Workshop

Participants get their hands dirty in this highly therapeutic workshop to mold clay into a work of art.


Photography & Retouching Workshop

Photography & Retouching is a 4 day workshop covering all the basics of photography and digital cameras and how to retouch photos to remove imperfections, smooth textures and much more...

Be part of a creative new workshop every month!

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